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Personal Training

1 on 1 sessions with one of our Budo Ryu Trainers. Personalized training designed just for you and your specific needs.



Regularly scheduled group classes.. Beginner-friendly, and open of all ages and skill levels. Your first group class is free to try!

What is 'Budo Ryu'?

Literally translated, 'Budo Ryu' means 'school of martial arts/the martial way'. To be a practitioner of 'budo' is to seek knowledge in the art, and to be on the path of physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment and self-improvement.

We are committed to fitness and healthy living, and we look forward to guiding you on your Budo journey. It is our passion and our life-long objective to transfer our knowledge of fitness, combat, and self-defense to all who seek it!

All of us at the Budo Ryu are here because we share the same values of betterment and clean living.  No egos allowed here: just hard work and a whole lot of laughter!



Seminars, Workshops, Challenge Courses, Competitions, and Special Training Events.

Welcome To The Budo Ryu

We are THE Center for Fitness, Combat, and Self-Defense.

Fitness: our SapienFit program puts the fun in FUNctional fitness!

Combat: we offer Traditional Muay Thai taught by active competitors and fighters!

Self-Defense: realistic defense tactics and techniques  designed to get you home safe!

What sets the Budo Ryu apart from the rest? All of our Budo Ryu Instructors are "ring-tested" and have fight-competition experience, have current certifications, and/or have real-life experience in the system that are they are teaching. We are proud of our strong work ethic, our friendly environment, and our dedication to bringing the best out in each of our students! The Budo Ryu and its variety of training methods can help YOU obtain greater self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-defense.

Train to compete, or train for everyday life; whatever you need, the Budo Ryu has it all available for you!