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03.15.15  Congratulations to first-time Budo Fighter, Juan Pantaleon on his UNANIMOUS VICTORY (29-27, 29-28, & 30-27)over his opponent, Mihran Zanturyan of Sasiprapa Gym! Special thanks to Sean Moore and PAK Fight Promotions for the opportunity!  We look forward to many many more fights!  A BIG THANK YOU and shout out to our amazing Budo Team who drove all the way to Fresno to watch Juan take the win!
​03.02.15  Thanks do everyone who showed up on time for their custom mouthguard fitting!  Mouthguards should be in on Wednesday, March 18th!

02.27.15  Congratulations to our Central Coast Krav Maga Instructor, Robbie McCain, on completing the Krav Maga Worldwide Phase B Instructor Training!​​
April 25th (Saturday): Sanctioned Amateur Muay Thai fights at the Evolution Sports Expo at the Fresno Convention Center, featuring Baan ChaaNa fighter Jamie Shearn in her Muay Thai debut!

​May 8th (Friday): Kappa Alpha Theta "Fight Back" Seminar​​, from 10am-noon (this is a private seminar)

May 16th: WCK presents Cali 8, a Sanctioned all-women Pro-Am Muay Thai fight show at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, featuring Baan ChaaNa fighter Geri Ooi in her return to the ring!

June 6th-12th: Krav Maga Worldwide Phase C Instructor Training at KMW in LA

June 27th: IKF presents a sanctioned Muay Thai Pro-Am fight show at the Marconi Auto Museum featuring Baan ChaaNa fighter Juan Pantaleon.
July 12th: ​​PAK presents a sanctioned amateur Muay Thai fight show in Fresno, featuring Baan ChaaNa fighter Vince Catania!
July 24th-26th: 2015 IKF World Classic - Amatuer Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship in Orlando, Florida!
July 30th-August 2nd​​: Krav Maga Worldwide Expert Series-Level 1 Instructor Training at KMW in LA

August 22nd: ​​sanctioned Muay Thai Pro-Am fight show at the Marconi Auto Museum featuring Baan ChaaNa fighter Geri Ooi.

​​TBA: Krav Maga Level 2 Belt Testing
​​TBA: Muay Thai Seminar​