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MightyMouse takes home Silver!

USMTO, May 12-14: Congratulations to Jessica "MightyMouse" Crum on her recent accomplishments at the USMTO West Tournament in Phoenix! MightyMouse won her first fight via TKO in the first round, won a tough second fight by split decision, and battled it out in the USMTO Finals against a tough opponent! MightyMouse lost the last fight, but brought home Silver in the USMTO Novice Division!

Big Mike's WAR!!

USMTO, May 12-14: We are so proud of Mike "Big Mike" Grotte! He didn't get the win, but it. was. a. WAR!! Mike was more technical and out-clenched his opponent but it wasn't quite enough to compensate for his opponents cannonballs that he was slinging. Great fight great heart all around!!!

Rachel Brockett passes KMW Phase A!

Congratulations to our newest Central Coast Krav Maga Instructor, Rachel Brocket, on passing Krav Maga Worldwide's challenging Phase A Instructor Training!

KMW's Phase A is a 7-day (56-hour) intensive instructor course that develops candidates’ physical skills, teaching skills, and fundamental knowledge to teach Level 1 Krav Maga classes. The course culminates with physical, teaching, and written examinations on the course material. These KMW Instructor courses challenge candidates physically and mentally. The training pushes candidates to their limits, and the testing is comprehensive. Candidates must demonstrate a command of the material in both the level for which they are testing and all prior levels. Rachel was exemplary in her performance, and no doubt made us proud! We look forward to having her as our newest Krav Maga instuctor on our regular schedule rotations!

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