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JungleGym + Yoga

Check out our newest fitness collaboration! Budo Ryu's JungleGym fitness meets Jennifer Lovas Yoga, on the beach!

Sun, sand, sweat, and smiles....oh, and the best part? It's free! Try it out today: download the Adventure Aide app and join us for a little HIIT and Yoga!

Awesome Knife Seminar!

Thanks to Kevin Lewis for an amazing knife seminar! We spent 6+ hours learning how to deploy and defend ourselves with knives! 

Central Coast Krav Maga @ Lululemon

Thanks to Lululemon SLO for the opportunity to teach Krav Maga at their store, and for being apart of their regularly scheduled "Sweat With Us" events! We are looking forward to the next Lululemon class!

Team Budo's USMTO West Results

What. A. Great. Weekend!! Team Budo brought three first-time fighters to the USMTO West Tournament and man, oh man, did they do well!!!

Karlynn defeated her opponent in the first match with ease advancing to the second match with all smiles, and fought an extremely technical fight with her second opponent during the semi-finals. Unfortunately, points fell short, but she definitely won fans' hearts and earned herself the well-deserved nickname "Smiley"!

Tiana went to war with a much bigger and taller opponent, but she stuck to her tactics and chopped down that tree... Unfortunately her opponent's reach proved to be too much leverage and Tiana fell behind in points. Tiana lost her fight but won the respect of her opponent and all of the fans watching!

Ethan fought two extremely entertaining, high-paced fights! The first matchup was a true clinic of teep and long limbed techniques, earning him an unanimous decision victory and advance to the semi finals. The second, semi-final fight was a nail biter: Ethan was a slow start, but came charging back through the second and picked up more steam in the third, ending with a spectacular technical knock out to secure his championship belt! Congrats to the new USMTO West Novice Champ, Ethan!

Coach Stephanie Wins Big at NPC!

Congratulations to Budo Ryu Junglegym Instructor Stephanie Watts on her huge accomplishments this weekend at the Natural Physique Competition! Stephanie received 2nd Place in the Novice Division, and 3rd Place in the Open Division. Great work!

Coach Leah's Spartan Race Podium Finish!

Huge congratulations to Budo Ryu Junglegym Instructor Leah Duhon on her podium finish at her Spartan Race. This is a big deal!!!! This recent podium finish pushes Leah's Global rankings to 26th in the world in her division! Whoa! Now those are some serious functional fitness accomplishments!

NEWS - 2018
Dave Passes Krav Maga Unyted Phase A!

Congratulations to Dave Sanchez for passing Krav Maga Unyted's Phase A Instructor program! Dave has been training in Krav Maga for years, since the beginning when we first started the Central Coast Krav Maga program, and has been one of our highest ranking students! Now, we are so proud to announce that he is our newest certified Krav Maga Instructor! Dave accomplished his Krav Maga Instructor test under 4th degree black belt Jarrett Waldman, founder of Krav Maga Unyted.

Boxing at the Battle of the Badges

Congratulations to Jared on winning his fight at the Battle of the Badges boxing show!  This was Jared's debut fight, and he did great! Coaches Christopher Camat and Tommy Miner are the newest additions to our Budo Ryu family, and they're already building killers! We are so excited for our boxing team, and can't wait to see more!

Karlynn at IFS36 Muay Thai

Karlynn had a great fight! It was very close battle, but unfortunately the decision did not go towards Karlynn's favor. She fought intelligently and skillfully, specifically in the 3rd round where she gained momentum and took that round! Unfortunately, Karlynn found her groove a bit too late, and with only three rounds in this fight, the decision went to her opponent who had taken the early lead. Karlynn learned a lot from this fight, and we also saw a lot of growth in her skllset when she last fought at the April tournament. Karlynn is a rising star, definitely gainly momentum, and we are excited to see where she will go next!!

Jen Crushes the Solo Test!

Congratulations to our newly awarded Yellow Belt, Jennifer Akridge! Jen had to battle through 3 hours of solo testing with 3 tough instructors chomping at her heels! We pushed Jen to the point of what she thought was her limit, but she charged through, blowing past those barriers, and passed with flying colors! We are so proud of Jen!

Training & Sparring with Team De La Soul

Thanks to Team De La Soul Muay Thai for two AWESOME team training sessions! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Coach Marc Saquid and his very talented team, as we all sharpen each other to get ready for the USMTO East tournament!  We can't wait for our two Californian teams to take on East Coast!

Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting our Budo Ryu Muay Thai team, in our quest to take on the East Coast and bring home the USMTO Championship:

Louie's Central Coast Movers

The Horsepower Brigade

Revive MD

Sprit Winds Therapy

ReGenesis 360

KD Plumbing

America's Mattress

Baby Seals Swim Academy

Bettencourt Electric

Brough Construction

Barton Olive Oil Company

Victory Self Defense & Fitness

Spartan Racing

Leah Duhon, our resident Spartan Race Goddess, participated in 3 back to back Spartan Races....that's right: she participated in not 1, not 2, but 3 events at the Spartan Laughlin, NV event! Leah is a beast!

USMTO East Results

Team Budo Ryu took the East Coast by storm!!! 

Louie started off the USTMO East weekend showing a lot of heart: he got knocked down but  bounced right back up as if nothing happened and refused to quit, going all three rounds with his tough opponent. We can't wait to see how this first fight experience will fuel Louie's fire for his next fight!

Emily, aka Spartan, was up next and set Team Budo on a winning streak! Spartan charged through her first and second opponents with a barrage of alternating straight punches (and a few kicks for measure), won her first fight via a dominant unanimous decision, and her second fight via TKO in the first round! Spartan went on to compete in the championship bout against a much taller opponent, but unfortunately did not win the decision from the judges. However, Spartan did win many hearts and many many new fans! Great things await Spartan, and we can't wait to see more!

Angie was a powerhouse and blasted her first opponent with nonstop punches and kicks. Her opponent attempted to defuse Angie's dominance by closing the distance with the clinch, but Angie quickly adjusted and further dominated by dispensing superior knee strikes, winning her first fight by a very dominant and unanimous decision. Angie proceeded to the championship bout against a taller opponent who utilized her length in the clinch; and despite Angie's superior striking, her opponent was able to out-leverage her in the clinch, and the decision by the judges went to her opponent.

Ethan's one and only fight of the weekend was the championship match, as his bracket was smaller than expected. His opponent came out swinging wildly, and Ethan methodically defended and countered with a masterfully placed skipkick to the head, earning him a knockout win at 42 seconds in the first round! With only 3 fights of experience under his belt, Ethan is now a 2-time Novice Class USMTO Champion!

Geri's fights remind us of what it looks like to have fun in the ring! In her first fight, she dominated the distance and timing of her opponent with well-aimed teeps (front kicks) and head kicks. In her second fight, Geri dominated the pace of the fight with superior ring control, head movement, and round kick counters. Along with a couple of kick slips, superman punches, jumping knees, and a whole lot of smiling, Geri was able to secure dominant unanimous decision victories over both of her opponents to secure the A-Class USMTO Championship belt!

As a team, we have learned some great lessons, gain invaluable experiences, and gained new friends and fans!

Team Budo Ryu with Ashley Thiner and 3 Kings Muay Thai (Fresno, CA)

Emily "Spartan" Ortiz

Louie Morales

Angie Sandoval

Ethan "the Manager" Bettencourt

Geri Ooi Sandahl

3rd Party Protection Seminar

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the Kevin Lewis 3rd Party Protection Seminar! We learned A LOT about how to protect not just our own selves, but also how to protect the ones around us! We learned how to safely incapacitate non-lethal threats, and how to react in an Active Shooter scenario! This introduction to tactic and techniques on how to protect others was truly enlightening! Thank you Kevin!